Assurance of quality

We are one of the few suppliers to have our own in-house testing capabilities so all our yarns come with an assurance of quality. Our extensive range of equipment, allows us to test characteristics such as count, micron, quality, strength, levelness, twist, or condition.

All our stock supported range is regularly taken and tested and we continuously record data from bespoke yarns, building up profiles and specifications to ensure consistency and quality whilst feeding back to our own suppliers for the future.  

In addition, we are continuously undertaking shade development and matching to maintain standards throughout our stock range. This provides customers with the on-going colour consistency that they need as they order from stock.  

Having our own testing facilities allows us to prepare samples for our customers whether they are full cones, baby cones, hanks or knittings. 

Reasons to use MBA

Our guarantee

Our in-house lab and testing facilities ensures the consistency of elasticity, elongation, count, strength and colour of all our yarns.

Sourced by us

Our network of technicians deal with mills around the globe to ensure customers get exactly what they want.

We buy direct

Our long-term supply relationships mean we buy our raw materials in bulk and pass the savings directly onto our customers.

Bespoke development

Many of our customers have specific requirements If you need something out of the ordinary, we can develop a yarn product for you.

Storage & delivery

We ensure you keep your deadlines by delivering as promised using our own group shipping, storage and haulage department.

Global network

All our customers receive excellent service whether its small local businesses or our global manufacturing groups.