Our technical yarn know-how
Technical textiles need experienced technical knowledge. When your yarn needs to perform to a specific standard or tolerance, we can advise and source, adding real value into the production process.

Whether your need is flame-retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-abrasion or waterproofing we have a wide variety of solutions working with a number of mills across the globe.

Through our Italian principle, Filidea www.filidea.com we offer:

  • Flame Retardant – 100% Kanecaron and Sevell Modacrylic brands, and blends with Viscose and Cotton
  • Protective Clothing – 100% Kermel Meta Aramid, and blends with other performance synthetic branded fibres
  • Anti-bacterial – 100% Amicor and blends with other natural and synthetic fibres

Through our French principle, Safilin www.safilin.com we offer 100% Linen or Linen Blends for the manufacture of composite structures and the food industry.

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