Our apparel know-how
Whether it’s a niche cashmere for fine suitings or a hardwearing blend for jackets, you can trust us to know the best yarn for the job. Innovative or classic we offer a full range of yarns from our stock supported collection.


We can supply fine count, fine micron yarns in all noble fibres for fabrics seen in such places as Savile Row and the Milan catwalk, right through to blended yarns for career and larger volume high street retail.


Woollen or worsted yarns in 100% natural fibres or a blended mix.


Weaving yarns for a variety of applications from scarves to bags.


Wide range of shrink-resist yarns from cashmere to coarse micron wools for use in sweaters and other knitted garments and accessories.

Socks and hosiery

A wide range of durable yarns suitable for this specialist end use.

Typical yarns that are available include:

Conventional Two Fold
  • Nm 18/2 – Nm 90/2 – 100% Wool Ecru
  • Nm 36/2, Nm 40/2, Nm 52/2, Nm 70/2, Nm 80/2, Nm 90/2 – 100% Wool Top Dyed stock supported ranges
  • Nm 40/2, Nm 48/2, Nm 56/2, Nm 70/2 – 55% Low Pill Polyester/ 45% Wool Ecru
  • Nm 40/2, Nm 48/2, 54/2 – 55% Low Pill Polyester/ 45% Wool Top Dyed stock supported ranges

*Yarns can be matched to your own shades on request.

Siro Spun Yarns
  • Nm 48/2 & Nm 64/2 – 100% Wool Ecru
  • Nm 48/2, Nm 64/2 – 100% Wool Black

*Yarns spun to your own count and dyed to your shade are available on request.

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